WHAT IS Brazed Plate Heat Exchanger?


The Danfoss brazed plate heat exchanger is the most compact heat exchanger on the market today.

Its high heat transfer efficiency in combination with its compact design equals a compact heat exchanger

for a wide range of heating, cooling, evaporating and condensing duties.

The brazed heat exchanger consists of thin corrugated stainless steel plates brazed together with copper to form a self-contained unit. Brazing the plates together eliminates the need for a frame, gaskets, bolts and the carrying bar. The result is a heat exchanger that costs less, weighs less, holds less refrigerant and takes up less space.

Heat Exchanger plates and channels

  • BPHE type B is available with 2 different types of plates and 3 types of channels, that are responsible for the thermal characteristics of the heat exchanger.
  • The H type plate has obtuse angles that result in higher heat transfer efficiency by increasing the turbulence of the fluid.
  • The L type plate has acute angles. This reduces the pressure drop and reduces the turbulence and lowers heat transfer efficiency.
  • The H channel is made by two H plates, with high heat transfer coefficient and high pressure drop
  • The L channel is made by two L plates, with lower heat transfer coefficient and lower pressure drop
  • The M channel is made by one H plate and one L plate, with both medium of pressure drop and heat transfer coefficient.

Channel Type H-L-M

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