About Danfoss MicroChannel Coils

At the heart of your refrigeration and air conditioning systems is the heat exchanger, so it’s important to choose the right product from the right supplier.
Danfoss is a stable, global company with a strong customer focus and a long term commitment to the heat exchanger business.
Our MicroChannel Heat Exchangers (MCHEs) address the critical issues of more efficient heat transfer, materials reduction and simplification, refrigerant reduction, longer life, smaller space requirements and lower weight.
Save time and money with MCHE standard products. The introduction of MicroChannel Heat Exchanger condensers, which combine resource and energy efficiency with minimal use of refrigerants, is enabling the development of leaner, greener solutions. Select one of our standard products and you can buy any quantity of condensers, any time, large or small, directly from stock.

Danfoss MicroChannel Heat Exchanger Detail

MCHEs have an ingeniously simple design – made entirely of all aluminium which is not only lightweight but also prevents
galvanic corrosion. The refrigerant-carrying tubes are formed to optimise heat transfer, thus enabling the production
of more compact, but equally effective cooling solutions. Meanwhile, their smart louvred fin design maximises surface
contact, successfully reducing the air-side pressure loss, improving efficiency and reducing noise levels.


The ingenious design of the tubes gives superior heat transfer which, in turn, enables a more compact but equally effective solution overall.


A superior louvred fin design maximises the surface contact. This reduces the air-side pressure loss and improves efficiency, as well as reducing noise levels.


In combination with baffles, MCHE headers control the flow of refrigerant and enable optimisation of the velocity in all phases.


In combination with headers, MCHE baffles control the flow of refrigerant and enable optimisation of the velocity in all phases.


The end cap and the main body of the MCHE are brazed together to form one leak-free stable unit. Being made entirely of aluminium, the whole heat exchanger (including the end cap) is resistant to galvanic corrosion.


The side plates are formed in a way that facilitates installation using U-bars.

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