Sondex is a global company with offices in almost every part of the world. Sondex was founded in 1984 and is a Danish company specialized in customer-adapted, high-efficient plate heat exchangers for a wide pressure and temperature area. We are having an enormous success with the development of related products such as pumps and district heating units and supplementary products to our well-known heat exchangers.
Sondex customer is key to all that we do. Therefore we cooperate with our customers and suppliers to deliver the best components, whenever plate heat exchangers, pumps or district heating units are required.

Sondex experiences and knowledge of the customer needs are second to none. Sondex supply hundreds of different types of component process solutions all over the world. Sondex also supply customized solutions.


Sondex has developed and designed quite a new generation of plate heat exchangers. The construction is based on many years experiences.


The construction of the inlet part makes a perfect distribution of the liquids across the heating surface. The inlet part is increased and supplied with channels preventing “dead spots” bacteria in the plate heat exchanger. The inlet with channels secures a strong inlet part with a minimum of contact points.
The inlet parts are constructed with a leakage drained zone fulfilling the 3A specifications.
The plate pattern is constructed to obtain a high thermal efficiency. The pattern is available in two designs with different angle sizes giving high respectively low turbulent flow.
Combining these in a plate pack an optimal plate composition can be calculated. The angle and fishbone pattern has appeared to make the best heat transmission by a given pressure drop.

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