Danfoss MicroChannel Heat Exchanger Application

By greatly enhancing both efficiency and environmental performance, MicroChannel heat exchangers are completely changing the way we look at things.
Choose from a range of standard products which give optimal results in your cooling application.


MCHEs have a 30% lower refrigerant charge than F&T coils. When an MCHE is used as your condenser, this leads to significantly more environmentally friendly systems. As a manufacturer, that means you can meet legal regulations, get environmental certification and take advantage of ‘green’ tax incentives.


MCHEs’ excellent heat transfer raises the efficiency of your products, making it possible to build a high-performance range with a slimmer design (using the same frontal area). With compact, energy-efficient products, you save on material, transport and storage costs. At the same time, you increase the attractiveness of your offering to customers.


When MCHEs are used in air dryers, their high efficiency and compact nature let you reach out to new customers. MCHEs offer both lower energy consumption and lower refrigerant charge, so you can develop cost-effective solutions with a strong environmental profile.


MCHEs offer a 10% better COP than F&Ts of the same frontal area, or the frontal area of the unit can be 25% smaller without reducing its effect and COP. Use MCHEs to produce neat, efficient systems that can be relied upon to keep cold store rooms at the right temperature, year-in year-out.


Safeguard your customers’ most sensitive technologies with our innovative, reliable MCHEs. Their excellent heat transfer lets you produce compact, energy-efficient units. Combined with a low hold-up volume and reduced refrigerant charge, this also means a significant reduction in CO2 footprint.

Air cooled chiller-MCHE Installation Diagram

Heat pump – MCHE Installation Diagram

Danfoss Equipments in Refrigeration Systems

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