Tahvieh Sam Industrial Group

Tahvieh Sam Trading, based on experienced engineers, advanced software and continuous communication with the above companies to provide technical engineering services, technical calculations, equipment selection and consultation to well-respected customers, which has resulted their satisfaction. In addition of department store and the headquarters, Technoservice has a large warehouse in the industrial city of Abbas Abad to store its goods.

The Industrial Ventilation Group started its activities in 1999 with the aim of producing air conditioning and refrigeration systems in accordance with up-to-date technology. The products of this company were introduced initially under the brand name of Techno Ventilation in various construction and industrial projects, and now it manufactured goods with name of Tahvieh Sam.

Tahvieh Sam Industrial Group is known as the leading manufacturer and supplier of industrial cooling systems with more than 2000 industrial projects in Iran. The machines of this company are in different industries such as oil,gas and petrochemicals, plastic industry, food industry, chemical industry, pharmaceutical industry, sanitary and hospital.

In addition to industrial projects, Tahvieh Sam devices are working in residential, administrative, commercial, hospital, hotel, school and university projects.

More than 16 years of brilliant experience in various domestic and foreign projects, membership in the industry and machine-building industry, the training of experienced experts, machinery and extensive facilities in an area of more than 20,000 square meters in the industrial city of Abbas Abad, building Central with an office area of over 1,000 square meters, a permanent exhibition of products, a product store, a precise quality control system, a fast and extensive after sales service with more than 30 teams and ready-to-deliver machines in different capacities make this company into one of the main chains of the country’s thermal and refrigeration.

The company in its scope of work, as customer demand for faster supply of devices to the purchasers and device upgrades, the exclusive representation of Italy Euroklimat Company, plate converters and Microwave Cables Danfoss and air purifiers. With the strengthening of its central warehouse and the completion of existing devices such as chillers, fan coils, rooftop packages, air conditioners, cooling towers and heat exchangers, they have taken a major step towards the prompt delivery of goods for customers.

The after sales service unit of the Tahvieh SAM Group is based on a customer-oriented and full customer satisfaction, with experienced expert team and a network authorized installers and service providers throughout the country which providing technical engineering support services, commissioning, Training, repairs, supplying spare parts and tracking customer requests.